TheShopFloor is a location-based platform that helps smaller and medium-sized businesses grow bigger by getting them online and getting discovered by potential customers around them. All without the need of any technical knowledge. Simplified, TheShopFloor works in two parts: 

(1) It makes the creation of business web SHOP - very, very simple. These web SHOP can be updated with equal amount of ease and speed. It can be done through an app, the web or SMS (only in India). And it is VERY simple.

(2) After you start updating the website (also as easy) with business content, TheShopFloor' patent pending technology kicks in, does the keyword extraction (automatically) and ensures that the search engine crawls your website and offers it up relevantly to potential customers searching for businesses like yours. Simply put, we ensure what you are saying on your website, is read by your potential customers. And as long as that is relevant information, we create opportunities for your customers to get in touch with you.